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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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The LabWindows/CVI Adapter provides advanced functionality for calling code modules from TestStand. You can use the LabWindows/CVI Adapter to complete the following tasks:

  • Call code modules with arbitrary prototypes in DLL code module files.
  • Create and edit code modules from TestStand.
  • Debug code modules (step in/step out) from TestStand.
  • Run code modules in-process or out-of-process using the LabWindows/CVI development system.

When you specify a module for a step, the TestStand Sequence Editor displays the LabWindows/CVI Module tab and TestStand User Interfaces launch the Edit LabWindows/CVI Module Call dialog box.

Use the LabWindows/CVI Adapter Configuration dialog box to configure the LabWindows/CVI Adapter to show function arguments in step descriptions, set the default structure packing size, select where steps execute, and establish a code template policy.

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