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Run VI Asynchronously Step

Use a Run VI Asynchronously step to run a VI in a new thread in the TestStand execution.

The step launches a dynamically-generated sequence by executing the VI in a step and then returns when the VI completes. This step is particularly useful when you are downloading and running a VI asynchronously on a real-time system.

Configuring the Step

Use the Run VI Asynchronously edit tab in the TestStand Sequence Editor and the Run VI Asynchronously Step Configuration dialog box in a TestStand User Interface to specify the remote system, port number, and VI to download and run.

Step Properties

In addition to the common custom properties, the Run VI Asynchronously step type defines the following step properties:

  • Step.RemoteHost—The computer name or IP address of the remote computer. The Step.RemoteHostByExpr property specifies whether the step interprets this property value as an expression or as a string.
  • Step.RemoteHostByExpr—When this property is True, the step interprets the Step.RemoteHost property value as an expression. When this property is False, the step interprets the value as a string.
  • Step.PortNumber—The remote host port number.
  • Step.Timeout—The number of seconds to wait to connect to the remote computer.
  • Step.VIModule—The settings for the VI the step calls.

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