Calling Legacy LabWindows/CVI Code Modules

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Edition Date: May 2019

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Versions of TestStand earlier than 3.0 required the DLL Flexible Prototype Adapter to call functions in LabWindows/CVI DLLs that did not use a specific prototype. Using TestStand 3.0 or later, you can call functions with a variety of parameter data types, including code modules with legacy function prototypes.

Prototypes of Legacy LabWindows/CVI Code Modules

TestStand supports the following legacy prototypes:

  • Standard legacy prototype:

    void TX_TEST StandardFunc(tTestData *data, tTestError *error)
  • Extended legacy prototype:

    int TX_TEST ExtendedFunc(const char *params, tTestData *data, tTestError *error)

In earlier versions of TestStand, National Instruments recommended using the standard prototype. The extended prototype provides compatibility with the LabWindows/CVI Test Executive Toolkit version 2.0 or earlier and offers an additional string parameter.

Although you usually create new code modules using the LabWindows/CVI Module tab for steps that use the LabWindows/CVI Adapter, TestStand can also create legacy-style code modules.

The legacy prototypes contain the tTestData and tTestError structure parameters, which the LabWindows/CVI Adapter uses to pass values into and out of the code module.

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