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Use the TestStand Migration Utility to copy settings, configuration, and public component files from the folders of previous versions of TestStand to the current version of TestStand. With TestStand 2014 or later, you can also migrate from 32-bit TestStand to 64-bit TestStand or from 64-bit TestStand to 32-bit TestStand. National Instrument recommends migrating between bitnesses only within the same version of TestStand.

You can launch the utility in the following ways:

  • (Windows 8.1) Click the NI Launcher tile on the Start screen and select TestStand»Tools»Compatibility»TestStand Migration Utility.
  • (Windows 10 or 7) Select Start»All Programs»National Instruments»TestStand»Tools»Compatibility»TestStand Migration Utility.

Use the Files to Copy section to specify the files you want to copy. By default, the migration utility selects files you added or modified in the previous version of TestStand. Expand the directories in the Files to Copy control to view the files you can migrate and determine whether those files have changed since installation. The Conflicts column includes any conflicts that could affect the migration of the files you specify.

The Files to Copy section includes three columns.

  • Files to Migrate—Expand the directories to view and select the files to migrate to the current version of TestStand. When you enable a file for migration, the Migration Action column updates to display the necessary action.
  • Since Install—Indicates whether a file has changed or has been added since you installed TestStand 2012 or later.
  • Migration Action—Indicates whether the Migration Utility copies the files to a folder in the current version of TestStand or overwrites an existing file in a folder in the current version of TestStand. The utility adds the contents of a copied folder to the contents of a folder in the current version of TestStand if a corresponding folder already exists. The Migration Action column displays the following actions:
    • Copy—The file does not exist in the previous version of TestStand.
    • Overwrite—The file exists in the previous version of TestStand. The migration utility will overwrite the existing file.
    • Overwrite readonly—The file exists in the previous version of TestStand but is read-only. The migration utility will not overwrite the existing file.

    The Migration Action column is empty for files not selected for migration.

Enable the Hide Files not modified since installing TestStand option to show only files modified or created in the version of TestStand you are migrating from.

Use the Location for backup of TestStand public files control to specify the location where the Migration Utility stores the backup copy of the files before performing the copy.

When the migration completes successfully, the migration utility generates a text file report that contains the results of the migration, including where the TestStand migration utility stored the file backups and which files were moved. If the migration utility moved result processing configuration files, the migration report specifies the migrated configurations and the name of the new configuration set.

Notes Notes
  • This utility overwrites any file in the current version of TestStand if the file also exists in the corresponding folder for the previous version of TestStand and if the file is selected in the Files to Copy control. Although the Migration Utility creates a backup copy of all overwritten files, National Instruments recommends that you verify that the utility will not overwrite any files in the current version of TestStand that you intend to keep.
  • If the <TestStand Public>\Components directory of the previous version of TestStand includes files installed by an installer other than the TestStand installer, you might need to use that specific installer to move the files for the files to function and uninstall properly from the <TestStand Public>\Components directory of the current version of TestStand. National Instruments recommends that you use an installer that targets the current version of TestStand to install any such components instead of using the migration utility to copy the components. However, some installed components can function properly when copied to another directory and are safe to migrate with the migration utility. The migration utility only moves files and does not update any other information or settings, such as registry keys.
  • The utility does not copy files in the <TestStand Public>\Examples, <TestStand Public>\Tutorial, or <TestStand Public>\AdapterSupport directories. These directories do not appear in the Files to Migrate column of the utility.

Cross-Bitness Migration

National Instruments recommends upgrading to 64-bit TestStand 2014 in two steps. First upgrade to 32-bit TestStand 2014 and validate that the system works as expected, and then migrate from 32-bit TestStand 2014 to 64-bit TestStand 2014. Performing the upgrade in two steps can help isolate the root cause of issues you might encounter.

Migrating to 64-bit TestStand might require additional manual steps after the Migration Utility completes. You must update bitness-specific files to support the new architecture. For example, if the Migration Utility copies a LabWindows/CVI DLL code module from 32-bit TestStand to 64-bit TestStand, 64-bit TestStand cannot load the 32-bit DLL. You must replace the 32-bit DLL with an equivalent 64-bit DLL. Additionally, code modules you place or install under the <TestStand Public> directory might require additional work depending on the type and implementation of the code module.

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