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Analysis Results Pane

TestStand 2019 Help

Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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The Analysis Results pane includes an Analyzer Messages tab for the current analyzer project and for each sequence file and workspace file you analyze. When you open a sequence file or analyze a workspace file for the first time, the TestStand Sequence Editor creates a tab on the Analysis Results pane with the same name as the Sequence File window or Workspace pane caption. These tabs display the analyzer messages for the analysis of the sequence files or workspace files. The TestStand Sequence Analyzer reuses these tabs each time you analyze a sequence file or workspace file.

When you create or open an analyzer project, the sequence editor creates a tab on the Analysis Results pane with the same name as the Current Sequence Analyzer Project window caption. This tab contains the analyzer messages in the current analyzer project.

The TestStand Sequence Editor removes the corresponding Analyzer Messages tab when you close a sequence file, workspace file, or the Current Sequence Analyzer Project window.

You can float and resize the Analysis Results pane for easier processing of analyzer messages. When you float the Analysis Results pane, you can resize the pane to show more messages, and you can move the pane outside the main sequence editor window so you do not obscure the pane when you view the object in the TestStand file that caused the analysis message.

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