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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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Use the Create Sessions and Apply Configurations edit tab in the TestStand Sequence Editor to create IO sessions associated with the selected IO configuration and then apply the selected configuration on those IO sessions.

The Create Sessions and Apply Configuration edit tab contains the following options:

  • Adapter—Specifies the adapter to use to create the IO sessions.
  • IO Configuration—The name of the of IO Configuration that defines the names and number of IO sessions created, and that applies to the IO sessions.

    Use the dropdown menu to select from one of the exported configurations. Selecting an IO configuration automatically creates the TestStand variables required to store the IO sessions for that configuration. This operation also deletes unused IO session variables used by the previous IO Configuration. Click Edit IO Configuration to edit the selected IO configuration and view all the IO sessions contained within the configuration. The right pane displays additional information about the selected IO configuration and IO session, including a read-only list of instrument attributes.

    You can modify settings for each IO session using the following controls:
    • Logical Names—The logical name of the IO session.
      Note Note  The logical names of IO sessions are not editable.
    • Description—The description about the session.
      Note Note  The session description is not editable.
    • Session Variable—The TestStand variable used to store the IO session.


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