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Edition Date: May 2019

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To display the HTBasic Module tab in the TestStand Sequence Editor, insert a step configured to use the HTBasic Adapter and select Specify Module or Step Settings from the context menu.

The HTBasic Module tab contains the following options:

  • Subroutine File Pathname—The HTBasic program file that contains the subroutine the step calls. You can specify an absolute or relative path name for the HTBasic program file. Relative path names are relative to the TestStand search directory paths. Use the Edit Search Directories dialog box to customize the search directory paths.

    To load and call a subroutine, you must write the subroutine file to disk in the HTBasic application using the Store command instead of the Save command. HTBasic can only programmatically load and run stored subroutines.

  • Subroutine Name—The name of the subroutine the step calls. HTBasic requires that the subroutine name length cannot exceed 15 characters and the first character must be uppercase. The HTBasic adapter interprets the first character as uppercase even if you specify lowercase.
  • Show HTBasic Application When Called—When the HTBasic Adapter executes a step that calls an HTBasic subroutine, the HTBasic Adapter does not activate the HTBasic application. Enable this option when you want to activate the HTBasic application.
  • HTBasic Working Directory—The options for the HTBasic Adapter to set for the working directory of the HTBasic server before invoking the subroutine. Enable this option when the test code assumes a particular working directory path.

    The HTBasic Working Directory ring control contains the following five options:

    • Use adapter default
    • Do not change working directory
    • HTBasic server directory
    • Subroutine file directory
    • Use specified directory
    The default value is Use adapter default. The Browse button and edit box are available only when you select the Use specified directory option.

The following buttons are available only when you have installed an HTBasic development environment:

  • Edit Subroutine—Edits a subroutine that already exists.
  • Create Subroutine—Creates a code shell for a subroutine. If the HTBasic file you specify does not already exist, the HTBasic Adapter creates the file. If the file already exists, the HTBasic Adapter prompts you to replace the file. If the HTBasic code template file exists for the step type you selected for this step, the HTBasic Adapter uses the template to create the new subroutine.

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