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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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General Panel

The General panel contains the following options:

  • Name—The name of the step.
  • Type—The type for the step. You can change the type by clicking the Change Step Type button, which displays a submenu from which you select the type of step you want TestStand to convert the existing step to. TestStand discards any values in properties of the current step type that do not exist in the new step type. TestStand uses the default values for properties in the new step type that do not exist in the current step type.
  • Adapter—The adapter the step uses. You can change the adapter by selecting a different adapter in the ring control. TestStand discards module and parameter information unless you are changing the adapter from the LabWindows/CVI Adapter to the C/C++ DLL Adapter or vice versa.
  • Icon—The icon of the step. You can change the icon by selecting a different icon in the ring control.
  • Edit Attributes—Launches the Attributes dialog box, in which you can create and edit attributes for the step.
  • Description—A description of the step that varies according to the type of step and the adapter the step uses.
  • Comment—The comment for the step the TestStand Sequence Editor displays in the Steps pane. The comment of the step also appears in the documentation TestStand generates for the sequence file.

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