Python Adapter Known Limitations

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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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The following are the known limitations of using Python Adapter:

  • You cannot use Python interpreters other than CPython (such as PyPy).
  • You cannot pass TestStand objects to Python script.
  • You cannot pass ActiveX and .NET objects between Python and TestStand.
  • You cannot call a function in a class with the @classmethod attribute.
  • You cannot log a return value unless it is stored in a TestStand variable.
  • You cannot use default values. Values for all the parameters of a Python function need to be specified.
  • You cannot pass parameters using a keyword (or named) argument.
  • You cannot convert an empty container, or container that does not have any data, between TestStand and Python.
  • You cannot convert Array of unstructured container from TestStand to Python.
  • You cannot use TestStand to create or edit Python code.
  • You cannot use step-into in TestStand to debug Python code.


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