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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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The tabs in the top half of the profiler window display the profiler window graphs. The tabs in the bottom half of the profiler window display the profiler window tables. You can adjust the splitter bar that separates the graphs and tables.

The profiler window includes menus you can use to control the operation and display of the profiler data. You can also right-click selections in the tables and graphs to display context menus.

The following controls at the bottom of the profiler window apply to all profiler graphs and tables:

  • Update Display—If this button is off, the profiler retains new information but does not display it so the tables and graphs remain static while you view them.
  • Collect Profiling Information—The profiler discards any events it receives when this button is off.
  • Hide Completed Operations Shorter than—If the value in this control is greater than zero, the profiler does not display complete operations with a duration shorter than the specified value.
  • Clear—Discards all profiler information.

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