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The TestStand Sequence Analyzer completes the tasks described in the following figure to analyze workspace files, sequence files, directories, type palette files, station globals files, template files, and users files.

TestStand Sequence Analyzer Analysis Process

  1. The analyzer engine begins analyzing the workspace file, sequence file, directory, type palette file, station globals file, template file, or users file.
  2. The analyzer engine checks for analysis modules that apply to the analyzed file. For example, if an analysis module applies to a variable, the analyzer invokes the code module the analysis module specifies for each variable in the analyzed file.

    An analysis module can apply to more than one element of a file, or you can apply more than one module to one element of a file.
  3. Each code module an analysis module calls reports any broken rules to the analyzer engine.
  4. The analyzer engine filters the list of reported rules through the sequence analyzer project, which specifies whether some rules are disabled, the severity of each enabled rule, and the description to display for each enabled rule.
  5. The analyzer engine outputs the severity, description, and location for each triggered, enabled rule to the Analysis Results pane in the sequence editor or the Messages tab in the stand-alone sequence analyzer application.

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