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Edition Date: May 2019

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The Call Stack pane displays the call stack for the execution thread currently selected on the Threads pane. A yellow pointer icon appears to the right of the most nested sequence invocation while the sequence executes.

When a step invokes a subsequence, the sequence that contains the calling step waits for the subsequence to return. The subsequence invocation is nested in the invocation of the calling sequence. The sequence that is currently executing is the most nested sequence. The chain of active sequences that wait for nested subsequences to complete is called the call stack. The first item in the call stack is the most-nested sequence invocation. You can select Open <sequence file> from the context menu for or double-click a sequence invocation on the Call Stack pane to display the window for the sequence file.

When execution suspends, you can select a sequence invocation in the call stack by selecting a sequence. The Steps pane displays the steps for the sequence invocation you select. In the TestStand Sequence Editor, the Watch View pane evaluates watch expressions using the sequence context for the selected sequence invocation.

When the Steps pane displays the steps for a call stack item that is not the most nested item, a green pointer icon appears next to the waiting Sequence Call step.

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