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Edition Date: May 2019

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Variables Pane

The Variables pane displays the sequence context for the sequence currently selected on the Call Stack pane. The sequence context contains all the variables and properties accessible in the current execution. Use the Variables pane to examine and modify the values of these variables and properties when the sequence is in a suspended state, such as when paused at a breakpoint.

Use the Variables pane to examine and modify the values of these variables and properties. In the TestStand Sequence Editor, you can drag individual variables or properties from the Variables pane to the Watch View pane so you can view changes in their values while you single-step or trace through the sequence. When execution completes, the Variables pane closes.

The Variables pane contains entries for each step in the sequence. To locate a particular step on the Variables pane, select Show Step in Variables from the context menu for a step on the Steps pane.

When execution is suspended, you can access the Variables Pane context menu by right-clicking the Variables pane.

You can sort the contents of the Variables pane. Click any column header to sort the view by the values of that column in increasing order. Click the column header again to sort the values in decreasing order. Click the column header a third time to restore the values to the unsorted order.

Note Note  TestStand does not sort array elements or parameters on the Variables pane.

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