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Edition Date: May 2019

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The Watch View pane of the Execution window displays the values of watch expressions you enter. The values in the Watch View pane update when execution suspends at a breakpoint. When you enable tracing, the sequence editor also updates the values after each step executes. The Watch View pane highlights viewed and changed watch expression values in red text.

Enter watch expressions to monitor values of variables and properties as you trace or single-step through a sequence. You can drag individual variables or properties from the Variables pane to the Watch View pane. When you specify a container property, array property, or a PropertyObject reference as a watch expression, you can use the Watch View pane to expand the subproperties to view the values.

You can specify if watch expressions suspend an execution when the value of an expression changes or when the value evaluates to True. TestStand evaluates these break conditions when each step executes. You can specify the scope of when TestStand displays and evaluates a watch expression.

The Watch View pane contains the following columns:

  • Watch Expression—The expression TestStand evaluates at run time.
  • Value—The value of the expression for the currently selected thread and call stack depth when the execution is suspended.
  • Type—The data type of the value the expression returns.
  • Breakpoint—The type of conditional breakpoint for the watch expression.
  • Attached—When you enable this option, TestStand attaches the watch expression to the current context. While the attached context is valid, TestStand uses the context to evaluate the expression even if the call stack depth of the active context is greater than the call stack depth of the attached context.

When execution is suspended, you can access the Watch View pane context menu by right-clicking the Watch View pane. The items in the context menu vary depending on which of the following areas you click:

  • A watch expression
  • A watch expression insertion line
  • The background of the pane
Note  The TestStand Engine evaluates watch expressions and alters the values of variables or properties multiple times during execution. For example, the watch expression "Locals.Number = Locals.Index++" updates the value of Locals.Number and Locals.Index.
Note Note  Using Watch View pane expressions that modify the structure of objects, such as deleting subproperties or changing the size of an array, can prevent the Variables pane from refreshing correctly or can cause the Variables pane to generate errors.

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