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Edition Date: May 2019

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The TestStand Sequence Editor launches a separate Sequence File window for each sequence file you open using the File menu. To open an existing sequence file into a Sequence File window, select File»Open File. To create a new Sequence File window, select File»New»Sequence File. The Sequence File window contains the following panes:

  • Sequences—Displays a list of the sequence in the sequence file. Use this view to create new sequences and to cut, copy, and paste sequences.
  • Steps—Displays the steps in a specific sequence. The Steps pane has three groups: Main, Setup, and Cleanup. Expand a group to view the contents of the Main, Setup, or Cleanup group.
  • Variables—Displays the variables the selected steps on the Steps pane can access at run-time. The variables include locals, parameters, file globals, station globals and the RunState property of the sequence context.

Use the tabs at the bottom of the Sequence File window to navigate between the open panes. You can float or dock these panes anywhere within the Sequence File window.

In addition to the panes in the Sequence File window, the sequence editor window contains the Step Settings pane, which displays the module and settings for the selected step or steps on the Steps pane of the Sequence File window.

The Status Bar displays information about the selected steps on the Steps pane of the Sequence File window.

Use the Types window to edit step types and custom data types attached to the sequence file.

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