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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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Steps Pane

The Setup, Main, and Cleanup groups of the Steps pane display a list of the steps in the step group. This list is called the step list. The step list contains the following default columns:

  • Step—Displays the name of the step and the step icon. Click to the left of the step icon to toggle the breakpoint for the step. If you add a comment for a step, the comment appears in light text above the step name.
  • Description—Displays a description of the step that varies according to the type of step and the adapter with which it was created.
  • Settings—Displays the properties of the step that contain non-default values. Use the Step Settings pane to specify step settings.

You can insert new steps in a sequence by dragging and dropping one or more files on to the Steps pane. TestStand inserts Action steps for the files you select and selects the corresponding module adapter. TestStand sets the module path to the name of the file if the file resides in the TestStand search directories. Otherwise, TestStand sets the module path to the absolute path of the file.

By default, the Step Settings pane contains the following view configurations: <Default>, Requirements, Large, and Grid. Use the Step List Configurations context menu in the Steps pane to select the configuration the Steps pane uses to display step details. Use the Edit Step List Configurations dialog box to create and modify layouts and settings for the Steps pane.

Note Note  The default font for the Large configuration does not support multi-byte characters. You can change the font for the configuration using the Edit Step List Configurations dialog box.

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