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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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Use the TestStand Sequence Analyzer in the TestStand Sequence Editor or the stand-alone sequence analyzer application to complete the following tasks for workspace files, sequence files, directories, type palette files, station globals files, template files, and users files during development or before deployment:

  • Find errors
  • Enforce custom development guidelines you establish
  • Gather statistics

The sequence analyzer uses a built-in set of rules and analysis modules to analyze the files you specify and generate messages that correspond to each issue found during analysis. The built-in rules are designed to detect, at edit time, the most common situations that can cause run-time failures.

Use the Analysis Results pane in the sequence editor or the Messages tab in the sequence analyzer application to view and resolve the messages for the most recent analysis of the current analyzer project, sequence file, or workspace file.

You can create custom rules and analysis modules for the sequence analyzer to use. Refer to the files located in the <TestStand Public>\Examples\TestStand Debugging Features\Custom Analyzer Rules directory for examples of custom rules and analysis modules. You can also distribute custom rules and related supporting files to use in analysis projects or to analyze files on other computers on which TestStand is installed.

In the TestStand Sequence Editor, click the Current Sequence Analyzer Project button on the Sequence Analyzer toolbar or select Debug»Sequence Analyzer»Current Sequence Analyzer Project to open the Current Sequence Analyzer Project window and the most recently opened analyzer project file.

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