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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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Use the Sequence File Converter tool to resave sequence files on disk using the current version of TestStand. You can also change the file format to binary, XML, or INI, and you can change the protection setting for the files. You can launch the tool in the following ways:

  • Select Tools»Update Sequence Files in the TestStand Sequence Editor or a in full-featured TestStand User Interface.
  • (Windows 8.1) Click the NI Launcher tile on the Start screen and select TestStand»Tools»TestStand Sequence File Converter.
  • (Windows 10 or 7) Select Start»All Programs»National Instruments»TestStand»Tools»TestStand Sequence File Converter.
  • Run <TestStand>\Bin\SequenceFileConverter.exe.

The application window displays a view of the directories and files on disk. You can change the base path of the view by entering a path in the toolbar, by selecting a directory using the Browse button, or by double-clicking on folders in the view.

Use the Edit menu and the context menu to change the file format and protection setting for the files you select in the view. Setting changes made to sequence files in the sequence file converter application are not are written to disk until you select Edit»Apply Changes, click Apply Changes in the toolbar, or select Update Files from the context menu.

Command-Line Usage

SequenceFileConverter.exe [-Help] [-Recursive] [-Quiet] [-UpdateVersion] [-Unlock:<PasswordList>] [-Format:<Format>] [-Protect:<Mode>:<Password>] <file or directory path> [-env <environment path>]


SequenceFileConverter.exe -Recursive -Unlock:myPass,myOtherPass -Format:Binary -Protect:View:myPass "C:\My Test Directory"

This example shows how to complete the following tasks:

  • Unlock all files under "C:\My Test Directory" using either "myPass" or "myOtherPass".
  • Convert unlocked files to binary format.
  • Set password protection to prevent viewing of the converted files, using "myPass".
    Note  TestStand supports password-protecting sequence files to deter editing and viewing within the sequence editor and user interfaces that use the TestStand User Interface (UI) Controls. The TestStand API limits access to a file protected from viewing but cannot prevent access to the file content during execution. National Instruments does not recommend using passwords as the only way of protecting intellectual property.

Command-Line Options

The following list describes all of the available options you can use in the command line for the sequence file converter:

  • Help—Launches a dialog box that contains an explanation of the command-line arguments.
  • Recursive—Applies changes to files found in directories below the specified directory.
  • Quiet—Disables the prompt to confirm conversion and prompts to unlock files.
  • UpdateVersion—Saves sequence files with the current version of TestStand even if no other modifications to the file exist.
  • Unlock:<PasswordList>—Attempts to unlock files for editing using a comma delimited password list.
    Note  This does not remove password protection.
  • Format:<Format>—Converts all files to the specified format. Possible values for <Format> are binary, INI, and XML.
  • Protect:<Mode>:<Password>—Protects all files with <password>. Possible values for <Mode> are Edit, View, and Disable.
    Note  The Disable value removes password protection from all files unlocked during conversion.
  • env<environment path>—Launches the Sequence File Converter tool in the evironment defined by the .tsenv file located at the path you specify. Click here for more information about .tsenv files and here for more information about choosing an evironment with the -env command line switch.


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