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Use a Batch Specification step to define a group of threads in which each thread in the group runs an instance of the client sequence file. When you define a group, you can perform Batch Synchronization operations on the threads in the group. The Batch process model uses Batch Specification steps to create a batch that contains a thread for each test socket.

When you test each UUT in a separate thread, use the Batch Specification step to include the UUT threads in one batch. Use the Batch Synchronization step to control the interaction of the UUT threads as the threads execute the test steps.

Configuring the Step

Use the Batch Settings edit tab in the TestStand Sequence Editor and the Batch Specification Step Configuration dialog box in a TestStand User Interface to configure the Batch Specification step.

Step Properties

In addition to the common custom properties, the Batch Specification step type defines the following step properties:

  • Step.Operation—A value that specifies the operation for the step to perform. The valid values are 0 = Create, 1 = Add Thread, 2 = Remove Thread, and 3 = Get Status.
  • Step.NameOrRefExpr—Contains the Name expression for the Create operation and the Name or Reference expression for all other Batch operations.
  • Step.Lifetime—A value that specifies the lifetime setting to use for the Create operation. The valid values are 0 = Same as Sequence, 1 = Same as Thread, 2 = Use Object Reference, and 3 = Same as Execution.
  • Step.LifetimeRefExpr—The object reference expression for the Batch Reference Lifetime when you set the lifetime to Use Object Reference.
  • Step.AlreadyExistsExpr—Contains the Already Exists expression for the Create operation or the Batch Exists expression for the Get Status operation.
  • Step.ThreadRefExpr—The Object Reference to Thread expression for the Add Thread and Remove Thread operations.
  • Step.OrderNumExpr—The Order Number expression for the Add Thread operation.
  • Step.NumThreadsWaitingExpr—The Number of Threads Waiting at Synchronized Sections expression for the Get Status operation.
  • Step.NumThreadsInBatchExpr—The Number of Threads in Batch expression for the Get Status operation.
  • Step.DefaultBatchSyncExpr—The Default Batch Synchronization expression for the Create operation.
  • Step.DefaultBatchSyncOutExpr—The Default Batch Synchronization expression for the Get Status operation.

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