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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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Use the User Manager window to view and edit the following information:

  • List of users
  • User names, passwords, and privileges
  • List of groups, group privileges, and user members

TestStand defines a set of privileges and can limit the functionality of the TestStand Sequence Editor and TestStand User Interfaces according to the privilege settings the user manager defines for the current user and the groups of which the user is a member. TestStand stores group and user properties as a User object.

To open the User Manager window, select View»User Manager. Use the User Manager window and the context menu to insert and edit users and groups and to specify the privileges of each user and group.

The User Manager window contains the following sections:

  • User—A list of current users that specifies a descriptive name, a login name and password, the groups of which the user is a member, and the group and specific privileges the user is granted. TestStand defines one default user, administrator, that belongs to the Administrator group.
  • Groups—A list of groups that users can be a member of. A group specifies the privileges granted to group members. TestStand defines four default groups: Operator, Technician, Developer, and Administrator.

You can sort the contents of the User Manager window. Click any column header to sort the view by the values of that column in increasing order. Click the column header again to sort the values in decreasing order. Click the column header a third time to restore the values to the unsorted order.

Notes Notes
  • The TestStand User Manager is designed to help you implement policies and procedures concerning the use of the test station. It is not a security system and it does not inhibit or control the operating system or third-party applications. You must use the system-level security features available with the operating system to secure the test station computer against unauthorized use.
  • TestStand does not sort array elements in the User Manager window.
  • Clicking the Name column header sorts only the properties of the users and groups and does not sort the users and groups themselves.

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