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Edition Date: May 2019

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User Manager Window Context Menu

The context menu opens when you right-click a user or group in the User Manager window. The items in the context menu vary depending on whether you right-click the following sites:

  • A user or group
  • A user or group property

The context menu contains common editing and navigation commands, as well as the following items:

  • Insert User or Group—Adds a new user to the user list or a new group to the group list.
  • Cut—Removes the selected user or group and places it on the clipboard.
  • Copy—Copies the selected user or group to the clipboard.
  • Paste—Inserts the user or group from the clipboard.
  • Delete—Deletes the user or group.
  • Rename—Displays a control for renaming the selected user or group.
  • Advanced—Displays a submenu with the following items:
    • Edit Flags—Launches the Edit Flags dialog box, in which you can modify the flags for the user or group property.
    • Edit Attributes—Launches the Attributes dialog box, in which you can create and edit attributes for the user or group property.
  • Properties—Edits the default settings for new users created with this group.

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