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Workspace Pane

TestStand 2019 Help

Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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The Workspace pane in the TestStand Sequence Editor displays the content of a TestStand workspace (.tsw) file, which contains references to any number of TestStand project files. A project file (.tpj) contains references to any number of other files of any type.

The Workspace pane provides the following functionality:

  • Double-click any file on the Workspace pane to open it.
  • Use the options in the Edit to cut, copy, paste, and delete files in projects or project files in the workspace. You can also drag and drop files on the Workspace pane. You can open only one workspace file at a time.
  • Use workspaces to access the files in a source code control (SCC) system.
  • Use the options in the Workspace context menu to add new projects to a workspace and new folders and files to projects.

TestStand creates an options file (.tso) that has the same name as the workspace file and is located in the same directory as the workspace file. This configuration file contains breakpoints you set when the workspace is loaded, watch expressions, and the expansion state of the Workspace pane. The TestStand Deployment Utility also uses a workspace to specify the files to include in the deployment image or the installer you build with the deployment utility.

Notes Notes
  • If you have a workspace file open and you try to open or create another, TestStand prompts you to save the workspace file before opening or creating another file.
  • When you modify or replace a file in a workspace, TestStand reflects the changes only if the file maintains the same filename, and if the file either maintains the same path if the workspace uses an absolute path to locate the file, or if the workspace can locate the file using the TestStand search paths.

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