ATML Test Results 6.01 and 5.0 Report Structure

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Edition Date: May 2019

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The TestStand process models use the ATML Test Results (TR) report generator, ATMLSupport.dll, located in the <TestStand>\Components\Models\TestStandModels directory, to generate a valid ATML TR report format from TestStand variables. The process models call the following functions the report generator implements and exports:

  • Get_Atml_Report—Generates a valid XML report in TR format.
  • GenerateUUID—Generates a universally unique identifier (UUID) for the TR report document, which the uuid attribute of the <TestResults> TR element references.

The TR report generator generates the following XML structure for an ATML TR 6.01 and 5.0 report:

XML Structure the Get_Atml_Report Function Generates

Note Note  The previous figure represents only the elements and attributes TestStand supports.


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