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Edition Date: May 2019

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You can include hyperlinks in supported versions of ATML, XML, and HTML reports. TestStand uses the default application you specify for the file format to open the file when you click the link in the report. The web browser returns an error when you click a link for which the file has been moved or no longer exists.

Complete the following steps to create a hyperlink in a report.

  1. Create a local variable with a data type of Path.
  2. Use the absolute path to the file for which you want to include a link in the report as the value of the variable.
  3. Create a container attribute named TestStand.
  4. Create a Boolean attribute named Hyperlink in the TestStand container attribute.
  5. Set the value of the Hyperlink attribute to True to include a link to the file in the report. If the value of the Hyperlink attribute is False, the report displays the path as a string, not a link.
  6. Log the variable in the report.
Note Note  You must use the case-sensitive names for the TestStand and Hyperlink attributes for ATML 6.01, ATML 5.0, and XML reports to include links correctly.

When you use the XML Packaging Utility to distribute ATML, XML, and HTML reports that include links, the utility also distributes the target file of the link.

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