Minimizing Report File Size

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Edition Date: May 2019

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Automated test systems can generate a significant amount of data when testing a unit under test (UUT). The amount of data generated depends on the complexity of the UUT to test and the capabilities of the test equipment. The size of the report generated depends on the format of the report and the amount of data to log. Primarily, system-level requirements of storage for traceability or analysis and the testing and debugging processes you use influence the amount of data to log in the report. In all cases, National Instruments benchmarks show that the TSR report format is the most efficient at minimizing size on disk.

Recommended Report Options

The following table summarizes the recommended options you configure in the Report Options dialog box when you optimize for report size:

Report Option Value
Format TSR*, ASCII, ATML, HTML, XML (best to worst)
On-the-Fly Report
Only Display Latest Results
Note: *The TSR format generates a compact raw results file and, if used, requires the TestStand Offline Results Processing Utility to generate the final report.


Consider the impact to the following requirements when you optimize for report size:


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