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Edition Date: May 2019

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This help file contains the following information:

  • Detailed information about the properties, methods, events, constants, and enumerations of the TestStand User Interface (UI) Controls API.
  • Basic information about the property pages for the TestStand UI Controls.

This help file assumes you have read and are familiar with the concepts presented in the NI TestStand System and Architecture Overview Card and the Getting Started with TestStand manual. Refer to the NI TestStand User Interface Controls Reference Poster for an overview of a TestStand User Interface and the TestStand UI Controls API.

Before you write a user interface using the TestStand UI Controls, National Instruments recommends reading the Creating Custom User Interfaces topics in this help file.

Using TestStand UI Controls

ApplicationMgr ApplicationMgrConnections CaptionConnections CaptionConnection CommandConnections CommandConnection SequenceFiles Executions Execution Commands Command EntryPoints EntryPoint MRUFiles SequenceFileViewMgr SequenceFileViewMgrConnections AdapterListConnections AdapterListConnection CaptionConnections CaptionConnection CommandConnections CommandConnection ImageConnections ImageConnection InsertionPaletteConnections InsertionPaletteConnection SequenceFileListConnections SequenceFileListConnection SequenceListConnections SequenceListConnection SequenceViewConnections SequenceViewConnection StepGroupListConnections.htm StepGroupListConnection VariablesConnections VariablesConnection Sequence Command EntryPoints EntryPoint SelectedSteps ExecutionViewMgr ExecutionViewMgrConnections CallStackConnections CallStackConnection CaptionConnections CaptionConnection CommandConnections CommandConnection ExecutionListConnections ExecutionListConnection ExecutionViewConnections ExecutionViewConnection ImageConnections ImageConnection NumericConnections NumericConnection ReportViewConnections ReportViewConnection ThreadListConnections ThreadListConnection VariablesConnections VariablesConnection SequenceContext Execution Thread Command EntryPoints EntryPoint SelectedSteps Button Checkbox ComboBox ExpressionEdit ExpressionEditComboBoxItems ExpressionEditComboBoxItem ExpressionEditButtons ExpressionEditButton Borders Label ListBar ListBarPages ListBarPage ListBarPageItems ListBarPageItem ListBox ReportView Borders SequenceView SeqViewColumns SeqViewColumn StatusBar StatusBarPanes StatusBarPane

In the TestStand User Interface (UI) Controls, many objects reference other types of objects. You can obtain an object of one class from an object of another class by calling a method or accessing a property. For example, you can obtain the Executions, MRUFiles, and SequenceFiles objects from the Application Manager control. In another example, the ListBar control references a ListBarPages object, and a ListBarPages object references a ListBarPage object.

About This Diagram

This diagram includes only existing objects and does not indicate how to create new objects from other objects. This diagram does not illustrate when you can acquire a reference to a derived class by querying for the derived interface. Color represents items that are duplicated.

Click the classes in the following image for more information about the class and a listing of the properties and methods associated with the class.

Additional Information

Note  If you open help files directly from the <TestStand>\Doc\Help directory, National Instruments recommends that you open TSHelp.chm first because this file is a collection of all the TestStand help files and provides a complete table of contents and index.

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