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ControlName_BeginEdit ( editedFile, editKind, objectsToEdit, cancel, editDenialReasons)

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Occurs before an editing action initiates or when you explicitly call the ApplicationMgr.BeginEdit method.


editedFile As PropertyObjectFile

[In] Specifies the file being edited.

editKind As EditKinds

[In] Specifies the type of editing action.

objectsToEdit As PropertyObject

[In] Specifies the objects to edit. The objectsToEdit parameter is passed as a one-dimensional array of containers where each array element is an object to edit. You can call the PropertyObject.GetNumElements method to obtain the length of the array and the PropertyObject.GetPropertyObjectByOffset method to access array elements.

cancel As Boolean

[In/Out] Pass True to prevent the edit from occurring.

editDenialReasons As Long

[In/Out] Specifies a set of EditingDenialReasons flags. When this parameter is non-zero, the flags in this parameter specify reasons why the edit cannot proceed. The application can clear these flags to allow the edit to proceed. For example, when the application integrates with source control systems and the EditingDenialReason_IsReadOnly flag is set, you could attempt to check out the selected file from source control to make it writable and then clear the EditingDenialReason_IsReadOnly flag if the checkout succeeds.

Note  You cannot clear the EditingDenialReason_IsNotEditor flag.

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