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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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ApplicationMgr.CanEdit ( editedFile, editKind)

Return Value


Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the application allows or denies permission to perform the edit.


Call this method to query whether the application gives permission to use the TestStand API to edit the sequence file the Application Manager control displays. This method generates an ApplicationMgr.CanEdit event to notify the application about the edit.


When the application implements custom editing actions on the selected sequence file using the TestStand API, call this method to determine whether to enable or disable the user interface element such as a menu or button that invokes the editing action. The application might not grant permission to edit based on a number of factors, such as the read-only state of the file, whether the file is executing, or other conditions the application considers when it responds to the ApplicationMgr.CanEdit event. Do not call this method to determine whether to enable a user interface element that invokes a Command object. Instead, obtain the value from the Command.Enabled property, which checks conditions specific to the command in addition to calling this method. When you connect a command to a button or when you connect a command to a menu item using the appropriate TestStand utility methods, the connection automatically queries the Command.Enabled property to enable or disable the button or menu item.


editedFile As PropertyObjectFile

[In] Specifies the file you are editing.

editKind As EditKinds

[In] Specifies the kind of edit you are making.

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