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Edition Date: May 2019

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ControlName_DropFile ( file, handled)

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Occurs when you drop a file onto a TestStand User Interface (UI) Control that supports drag and drop. When you drop multiple files at once, the Application Manager control generates this event once for each file dropped.


This event is useful for supporting drag and drop of files that are not sequence files and must be handled differently. You can customize TestStand to natively support opening custom file formats and translating them into sequence files.

When you drop a file onto a SequenceView control and the file is a valid TestStand code module file, the control inserts a step with its code module configured to call the file. Before the SequenceView control inserts the step, the Application Manager control generates the DropFile event for the dropped file. If your application handles the DropFile event, the SequenceView control does not insert the step.


file As String

[In] Specifies the absolute pathname of the file you dropped.

handled As Boolean

[In/Out] Set this parameter to True when you programmatically open the file in the event handler and do not want the Application Manager to try to open the file. When you do not set this parameter to True, the Application Manager control opens the file as a sequence file or, if the file is a valid code module file and the file was dropped on a SequenceView control, the SequenceView control inserts a step configured to call the code module file.

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