ExecutionDisplayReasons Enumeration

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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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These constants are passed as a parameter in the ApplicationMgr.DisplayExecution event to provide the reason for why the event was generated.

  • ExecutionDisplayReason_BreakOnRunTimeError–(Value: 4) Event occurred because the execution was paused as a result of a run-time error.
  • ExecutionDisplayReason_BreakOnUserRequest–(Value: 3) Event occurred because the user paused the execution.
  • ExecutionDisplayReason_Breakpoint–(Value: 2) Event occurred because the execution hit a breakpoint.
  • ExecutionDisplayReason_GotoLocation–(Value: 5) Event occurred because of a request to display a location that resides in the execution.
  • ExecutionDisplayReason_StartExecution–(Value: 1) Event occurred because the execution was started.
  • ExecutionDisplayReason_UIMessage–(Value: 0) Event occurred because the TestStand Engine sent the UIMsg_OpenWindows message for the execution.

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