NumericSources Enumeration

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Edition Date: May 2019

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These constants specify types of numeric sources. Each numeric source provides numeric values that describe an aspect of the current application state. You can use these constants to connect the execution progress state to a StatusBarPane progress indicator with the ExecutionViewMgr.ConnectNumeric method.

To obtain a numeric value without connecting it to a control, call the ExecutionViewMgr.GetNumericValue method.

A numeric source applies to all manager controls unless the help for the enumeration element specifies a particular manager control or controls with which it applies.

  • NumericSources_NotASource–(Value: 0) Guaranteed to never be a valid numeric source specifier.
  • NumericSources_ProgressPercent–(Value: 10) A value from 0.0 to 100.0 that indicates the percentage of progress the current execution reports. This value indicates the progress of operations for which the execution chooses to report the amount of progress. The value does not necessarily reflect the progress of the execution as a whole. This numeric source applies only to the ExecutionView Manager control.

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