QueryCloseExecutionOptions Enumeration

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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 370052AA-01

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Use these constants with the opt parameter of the ApplicationMgr.QueryCloseExecution event.

  • QueryCloseExecution_Abort–(Value: 2) Aborts the execution if it is running.
  • QueryCloseExecution_AutoCloseWhenDone–(Value: 3) Marks the execution to close automatically when it completes. The dialog box prompts the user to abort, auto-close, terminate, or cancel.
  • QueryCloseExecution_Cancel–(Value: 4) Cancels the closing of an execution.
  • QueryCloseExecution_Hide–(Value: 5) Turns off tracing and hides the execution. The execution continues to run. If the execution hits a breakpoint, tracepoint, or run-time error, the execution displays again.
  • QueryCloseExecution_ShowDialog–(Value: 0) Launches a dialog box if the execution is not terminated.
  • QueryCloseExecution_Terminate–(Value: 1) Terminates the execution if it is running.

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