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ControlName_BorderDragged ( bordersChanged, newX, newY, newWidth, newHeight, finalResize)

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Occurs when the user drags a draggable border of a control with the mouse. The event provides the location and size to which you must set the control for the draggable borders to track the mouse cursor. However, you can choose to modify the location or size to which you set the control. For example, you can limit the width of the control so the left edge cannot be dragged off of the visible portion of the window.

In addition to changing the size and position of the control, you might also update the sizes and positions of the other controls on the window to account for the change.


If you are using LabVIEW, you must add the Horizontal and Vertical components of the origin of the LabVIEW front panel to the newX and newY event parameter values before you can use the newX and newY event parameters to set the ActiveX Container (AxCont) Left and Top properties for the control. To obtain the origin of a LabVIEW front panel, place an ActiveX property node on the block diagram of the VI, right-click the node, and select Link to»Pane from the context menu. Right-click the node again and select Select Property»Origin.


bordersChanged As Long

[In] Specifies which borders the user dragged. Refer to the WhichBorders constants for more information about draggable borders.

newX As long

[In] Specifies the new x-coordinate for the control.

newY As long

[In] Specifies the new y-coordinate for the control.

newWidth As long

[In] Specifies the new width for the control.

newHeight As long

[In] Specifies the new height for the control.

finalResize As Boolean

[In] Specifies whether the event is the final event for the drag operation the user performs.

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