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Edition Date: November 2020

Part Number: 370052AB-01

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The following list summarizes the new features in TestStand 2020 and other changes since TestStand 2019:

TestStand Sequence Editor Visual Design Updates

TestStand 2020 introduces a streamlined visual design to the TestStand Sequence Editor. In addition to cosmetic changes, the sequence editor has the following changes:

  • By default, the sequence editor toolbar now only displays buttons that are global in scope. Buttons that provide functionality restricted to a single window or pane are now located in the relevant window or pane.
  • Panes or tabs that provide configuration options for a single window are fixed to the relevant window.
  • On the Steps pane, steps now have syntax highlighting. The icon color for a step indicates which type of step it is.
  • Checkboxes in the Select Sequence File Callbacks dialog box simplify the process of selecting callback sequences.

Python Adapter Improvements

TestStand 2020 adds support for Python 3.8. You can now use the Python Adapter to perform the following tasks:

  • Pass COM objects between TestStand and Python code modules.
  • Map enums in TestStand to enums in Python code modules.
  • Map arrays of numbers in TestStand to NumPy arrays in Python code modules.
  • Include or exclude subproperties of a container of a named data type when passing it between TestStand and a Python code module.
  • Enter either an individual file or a directory as a code module path for the Python Adapter.

Regular Expression Support

Regular expressions are now a supported comparison type for String Value Test steps. You can also use regular expressions as parameters for the CheckStrLimit, FindPattern, MatchPattern, and SearchPatternAndReplace expression functions.

InstrumentStudio Integration Improvements

TestStand 2020 introduces improvements to integration with InstrumentStudio. You can now perform the following tasks:

  • Use Python code modules with IO Configuration step types.
  • Pass the NI_IOSession data type between TestStand and Python code modules.


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