Property Loader Step Type - Loading Limits from a File Containing Alias

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Edition Date: August 2016

Part Number: 370052R-01

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This example demonstrates using the Property Loader step type to load the properties from a source containing alias names instead of property lookup strings. These aliases and corresponding properties are defined in a separate .pla file. The example loads properties at the beginning of the MainSequence.

Example File Location

<TestStand Public>\Examples\Built-In Step Types\Property Loader Step Type\ Property Loader - Loading Limits From File Containing Alias.seq

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How to Use This Example

Complete the following steps to review the sequence functionality.

  1. On the Steps pane, select the Property Loader step in the Setup step group.
  2. On the Target File and Source Settings tab, observe that the file AliasNames.pla is specified for the Alias Location field. This file specifies alias names for various properties, making it easier to identify them in a limits file. Open the file in a text editor to review the contents.
  3. On the Step Settings tab in the Step Settings pane, click the View Source File button in the sources table to open the properties file. Observe that the properties in the file are specified using the aliases defined in the alias file.

Complete the following steps to run this example.

  1. Select Execute»Single Pass to run the sequence.
  2. When execution completes, review the report on the Report pane. Ensure that the limits were changed based on the property loader step configuration.


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