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Edition Date: August 2016

Part Number: 370052R-01

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Property Loader Plugins

Property Loader plugins read data from a property loader source during import, write data to a property loader source during export, and validate the property loader source when using an analyzer.

To create property loader plugins, NI recommends that you copy a plugin template from the <TestStand>\Components\PropertyLoader\Templates\<Environment> directory to the <TestStand Public>\Components\PropertyLoader \<YourPluginName> directory, where <Environment> is LabVIEW, CVI, C#, or VC, and <YourPluginName> is the descriptive name or the unique ID of the property loader plugin.

Note Note  If you copy a C# template, you may need to update the path of the referenced PropertyLoader library.

NI also recommends using your company name as part of the directory name to avoid potential conflicts with other custom plugins. Make sure the DLL or lvlib is present under the <TestStandPublic>\Components\PropertyLoader directory.

Note Note  You must restart TestStand to use newly created plugins.

TestStand ships with property loader plugins that support the following source types:

See the File Formats topic for more information about the required file structures for the .csv, .txt, Execl plugins. See the Database Table Schemas topic for more information about the required table schemas for the database plugin.

TestStand also includes legacy plugins for use with the Legacy Import/Export Properties tool that support the same source types listed above.


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