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The default TestStand database schema requires the following tables in the database:

The UUT_RESULT table contains information about each UUT. The STEP_RESULT table contains information about each step TestStand executes while testing each UUT. The STEP_SEQCALL table contains the sequence a Sequence Call step calls. The PROP_RESULT table contains information about the properties in a step result. The other table names with the prefix "PROP" contain information about specific property data types.

Each table contains a primary key column ID and might contain foreign key column IDs. The column data types are Number, String, or GUID depending on the schema. The column data types must match the primary key the data types reference.

Notes Notes
  • The default TestStand database schemas do not log attribute values for result properties.
  • The default database schemas assume that result tables conform to the table definitions. When you want to modify the table schema, you must alter the tables in the database and create a new schema using the Database Options dialog box.

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