Process Model Architecture

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Edition Date: November 2017

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To better understand the information in this section, familiarize yourself with process models, entry points, and the relationship between a process model and a client sequence file.

The Sequential, Parallel, and Batch process models use the same basic structure for running a test sequence. Using the Test UUTs or Single Pass Execution entry point, the process models run test sequences, generate reports, and log unit under test (UUT) results to a database according to configuration settings, as shown in the following figure.

Process Flow

The main differences between the process models are the number of UUTs each process model runs for the Test UUTs or Single Pass Execution entry points and the way each process model relates to and synchronizes with UUTs.

Note Note  This document reflects only the TestStand 2012 or later process models. If you are using the equivalent legacy TestStand 2010 process models, refer to the TestStand 2010 documentation for information about those process models.

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