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Edition Date: June 2015

Part Number: 370131S-01

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This topic lists and describes the error codes.

Completion Codes Values Meaning
VI_ERROR_SYSTEM_ERROR BFFF0000h Unknown system error (miscellaneous error).
VI_ERROR_INV_OBJECT BFFF000Eh The given session or object reference is invalid.
VI_ERROR_RSRC_LOCKED BFFF000Fh Specified type of lock cannot be obtained or specified operation cannot be performed, because the resource is locked.
VI_ERROR_INV_EXPR BFFF0010h Invalid expression specified for search.
VI_ERROR_RSRC_NFOUND BFFF0011h Insufficient location information or the device or resource is not present in the system.
VI_ERROR_INV_RSRC_NAME BFFF0012h Invalid resource reference specified. Parsing error.
VI_ERROR_INV_ACC_MODE BFFF0013h Invalid access mode.
VI_ERROR_TMO BFFF0015h Timeout expired before operation completed.
VI_ERROR_CLOSING_FAILED BFFF0016h Unable to deallocate the previously allocated data structures corresponding to this session or object reference.
VI_ERROR_INV_DEGREE BFFF001Bh Specified degree is invalid.
VI_ERROR_INV_JOB_ID BFFF001Ch Specified job identifier is invalid.
VI_ERROR_NSUP_ATTR BFFF001Dh The specified attribute is not defined or supported by the referenced session, event, or find list.
VI_ERROR_NSUP_ATTR_STATE BFFF001Eh The specified state of the attribute is not valid, or is not supported as defined by the session, event, or find list.
VI_ERROR_ATTR_READONLY BFFF001Fh The specified attribute is Read Only.
VI_ERROR_INV_LOCK_TYPE BFFF0020h The specified type of lock is not supported by this resource.
VI_ERROR_INV_ACCESS_KEY BFFF0021h The access key to the resource associated with this session is invalid.
VI_ERROR_INV_EVENT BFFF0026h Specified event type is not supported by the resource.
VI_ERROR_INV_MECH BFFF0027h Invalid mechanism specified.
VI_ERROR_HNDLR_NINSTALLED BFFF0028h A handler is not currently installed for the specified event.
VI_ERROR_INV_HNDLR_REF BFFF0029h The given handler reference is invalid.
VI_ERROR_INV_CONTEXT BFFF002Ah Specified event context is invalid.
VI_ERROR_QUEUE_OVERFLOW BFFF002Dh The event queue for the specified type has overflowed (usually due to previous events not having been closed).
VI_ERROR_NENABLED BFFF002Fh The session must be enabled for events of the specified type in order to receive them.
VI_ERROR_ABORT BFFF0030h The operation was aborted.
VI_ERROR_RAW_WR_PROT_VIOL BFFF0034h Violation of raw write protocol occurred during transfer.
VI_ERROR_RAW_RD_PROT_VIOL BFFF0035h Violation of raw read protocol occurred during transfer.
VI_ERROR_OUTP_PROT_VIOL BFFF0036h Device reported an output protocol error during transfer.
VI_ERROR_INP_PROT_VIOL BFFF0037h Device reported an input protocol error during transfer.
VI_ERROR_BERR BFFF0038h Bus error occurred during transfer.
VI_ERROR_IN_PROGRESS BFFF0039h Unable to queue the asynchronous operation because there is already an operation in progress.
VI_ERROR_INV_SETUP BFFF003Ah Unable to start operation because setup is invalid (due to attributes being set to an inconsistent state).
VI_ERROR_QUEUE_ERROR BFFF003Bh Unable to queue asynchronous operation (usually due to the I/O completion event not being enabled or insufficient space in the session's queue).
VI_ERROR_ALLOC BFFF003Ch Insufficient system resources to perform necessary memory allocation.
VI_ERROR_INV_MASK BFFF003Dh Invalid buffer mask specified.
VI_ERROR_IO BFFF003Eh Could not perform operation because of I/O error.
VI_ERROR_INV_FMT BFFF003Fh A format specifier in the format string is invalid.
VI_ERROR_NSUP_FMT BFFF0041h A format specifier in the format string is not supported.
VI_ERROR_LINE_IN_USE BFFF0042h The specified trigger line is currently in use.
VI_ERROR_NSUP_MODE BFFF0046h The specified mode is not supported by this VISA implementation.
VI_ERROR_SRQ_NOCCURRED BFFF004Ah Service request has not been received for the session.
VI_ERROR_INV_SPACE BFFF004Eh Invalid address space specified.
VI_ERROR_INV_OFFSET BFFF0051h Invalid offset specified.
VI_ERROR_INV_WIDTH BFFF0052h Invalid source or destination width specified.
VI_ERROR_NSUP_OFFSET BFFF0054h Specified offset is not accessible from this hardware.
VI_ERROR_NSUP_VAR_WIDTH BFFF0055h Cannot support source and destination widths that are different.
VI_ERROR_WINDOW_NMAPPED BFFF0057h The specified session is not currently mapped.
VI_ERROR_RESP_PENDING BFFF0059h A previous response is still pending, causing a multiple query error.
VI_ERROR_NLISTENERS BFFF005Fh No Listeners condition is detected (both NRFD and NDAC are deasserted).
VI_ERROR_NCIC BFFF0060h The interface associated with this session is not currently the controller in charge.
VI_ERROR_NSYS_CNTLR BFFF0061h The interface associated with this session is not the system controller.
VI_ERROR_NSUP_OPER BFFF0067h The given session or object reference does not support this operation.
VI_ERROR_INTR_PENDING BFFF0068h An interrupt is still pending from a previous call.
VI_ERROR_ASRL_PARITY BFFF006Ah A parity error occurred during transfer.
VI_ERROR_ASRL_FRAMING BFFF006Bh A framing error occurred during transfer.
VI_ERROR_ASRL_OVERRUN BFFF006Ch An overrun error occurred during transfer. A character was not read from the hardware before the next character arrived.
VI_ERROR_TRIG_NMAPPED BFFF006Eh The path from trigSrc to trigDest is not currently mapped.
VI_ERROR_NSUP_ALIGN_OFFSET BFFF0070h The specified offset is not properly aligned for the access width of the operation.
VI_ERROR_USER_BUF BFFF0071h A specified user buffer is not valid or cannot be accessed for the required size.
VI_ERROR_RSRC_BUSY BFFF0072h The resource is valid, but VISA cannot currently access it.
VI_ERROR_NSUP_WIDTH BFFF0076h Specified width is not supported by this hardware.
VI_ERROR_INV_PARAMETER BFFF0078h The value of some parameter—which parameter is not known—is invalid.
VI_ERROR_INV_PROT BFFF0079h The protocol specified is invalid.
VI_ERROR_INV_SIZE BFFF007Bh Invalid size of window specified.
VI_ERROR_WINDOW_MAPPED BFFF0080h The specified session currently contains a mapped window.
VI_ERROR_NIMPL_OPER BFFF0081h The given operation is not implemented.
VI_ERROR_INV_LENGTH BFFF0083h Invalid length specified.
VI_ERROR_INV_MODE BFFF0091h The specified mode is invalid.
VI_ERROR_SESN_NLOCKED BFFF009Ch The current session did not have any lock on the resource.
VI_ERROR_MEM_NSHARED BFFF009Dh The device does not export any memory.
VI_ERROR_LIBRARY_NFOUND BFFF009Eh A code library required by VISA could not be located or loaded.
VI_ERROR_NSUP_INTR BFFF009Fh The interface cannot generate an interrupt on the requested level or with the requested statusID value.
VI_ERROR_INV_LINE BFFF00A0h The value specified by the line parameter is invalid.
VI_ERROR_FILE_ACCESS BFFF00A1h An error occurred while trying to open the specified file. Possible reasons include an invalid path or lack of access rights.
VI_ERROR_FILE_IO BFFF00A2h An error occurred while performing I/O on the specified file.
VI_ERROR_NSUP_LINE BFFF00A3h One of the specified lines (trigSrc or trigDest) is not supported by this VISA implementation, or the combination of lines is not a valid mapping.
VI_ERROR_NSUP_MECH BFFF00A4h The specified mechanism is not supported for the given event type.
VI_ERROR_INTF_NUM_NCONFIG BFFF00A5h The interface type is valid but the specified interface number is not configured.
VI_ERROR_CONN_LOST BFFF00A6h The connection for the given session has been lost.
VI_ERROR_MACHINE_NAVAIL BFFF00A7h The remote machine does not exist or is not accepting any connections.
VI_ERROR_NPERMISSION BFFF00A8h Access to the resource or remote machine is denied. This is due to lack of sufficient privileges for the current user or machine.


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