Test Communication with VISA Interactive Control

NI-VISA 15.0 Help

Edition Date: June 2015

Part Number: 370131S-01

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To test communication with VISA Interactive Control (VISAIC), follow these steps:

  1. Open Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX). Select Tools»Refresh to refresh the view. Your USB device should be listed under Devices and Interfaces, as shown in the following figure. Your USB device is now installed and configured to use NI-VISA.

    If you select your USB device, the USB Settings window displays the device information. You can use this information to access device information such as the manufacturer ID, model code, and serial number.

  2. To communicate with your device using VISA, use the VISA instrument descriptor for your device. The instrument descriptor format for a USB INSTR device is USB[board]:: manufacturer ID:: model code:: serial number[:: USB interface number]::INSTR. The instrument descriptor format for a USB RAW device is USB[board]:: manufacturer ID:: model code:: serial number[:: USB interface number]::RAW.

    According to the USBTMC specification, all USBTMC devices must have a serial number. Some USB RAW devices may not have serial numbers. If your device does not have a serial number, NI-VISA automatically assigns a VISA-specific serial number for the device. The serial number format is NI-VISA-#, where # is an automatically generated number.

    Some USB devices have multiple interfaces. This is similar to the way a PCI device can have multiple functions. If your device supports only one interface, you do not need to include the USB interface number.

    The DAQPad-6020E uses the RAW class, and the manufacturer code and model code are 0x3923 and 0x12C0, respectively. For the DAQPad-6020E, the instrument descriptor is USB0::0x3923::0x12C0::00B50DAE::RAW.

    To test communication with this device, open MAX. Select Tools»NI-VISA»VISA Interactive Control.

  3. VISA Interactive Control (VISAIC) is a utility program for communicating easily with any VISA resource. After you configure your USB device to use VISA, it should be listed in the USB branch. Double-click on your device to open a VISA session to it.

    When you open a VISA session with VISAIC, the Configuration page is displayed. The Configuration page contains all of the attributes that can be configured or set for the opened resource. The attributes are grouped together by category and separated into tabs. Open the View Attributes tab if you want to view all of the attributes for the selected resource.


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