Pixel Manipulation

Owning Palette: Vision Utilities
Requires: NI Vision Development Module

Use the Pixel Manipulation VIs to modify specific areas of an image. Use these VIs to read and set pixel values in an image, read and set values along a row or column in an image, and fill the pixels in an image with a particular value.

Palette Object Description
IMAQ GetPixelValue

Reads a pixel value from an image.

IMAQ GetRowCol

Extracts a range of pixel values, either a row or column, from an image.

IMAQ GetPixelLine

Extracts the intensity values of a line of pixels.

IMAQ ImageToArray

Extracts (copies) the pixels from an image, or part of an image, into a LabVIEW 2D array. This array is encoded in 8 bits, 16 bits, or floating point, as determined by the type of input image.

IMAQ SetPixelValue

Changes a pixel value in an image.

IMAQ SetRowCol

Changes the intensity values in either a row or a column of pixels in an image.

IMAQ SetPixelLine

Changes the intensity values in a line of pixels of an image.

IMAQ ArrayToImage

Creates an image from a 2D array.

IMAQ FillImage

Fills an image and its border with a specified value.


Draws geometric objects in an image.

IMAQ Draw Text

Inserts text in an image.


Returns an External Data Value Reference (EDVR) array with the specified data type and dimensionality for the requested region of the source image. Refer to the Storing Data and Reducing Data Copies with Data Value References topic in the NI LabVIEW Help for general information on using External Data Value References.

Note  This VI is available only with LabVIEW 2012 or later.


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