2D Code Recognition

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Edition Date: March 2019

Part Number: 370281AG-01

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The term 2D code refers to both matrix codes and multi-row barcodes. Matrix codes encode data based on the position of square, hexagonal, or round cells within a matrix. Multi-row barcodes are codes that consist of multiple stacked rows of barcode data. NI Vision currently supports the PDF417, Data Matrix, QR Code, and Micro QR Code formats.

The process used to recognize 2D codes consists of two phases:
  • A coarse locating phase during which the user specifies an ROI in the image, which helps localize the region occupied by the 2D code. This phase is optional, but it can increase the performance of the second phase by reducing the size of the search region.
  • A locating and decoding phase during which the software searches the ROI for one or more 2D codes and decodes each located 2D code.


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