NI 4060

NI Digital Multimeters Help (NI-DMM 18.1)

Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 370384V-01

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The NI 4060 is a 5½ digit DMM for the PXI and PCI buses. For more detailed information about the NI 4060 specifications, refer to Related Documentation for the NI 4060 specifications document.

Front Panel Connections

The front of the NI 4060 module has five connectors—four banana plug connectors and one 9-pin mini–circular DIN connector. The four banana plug connectors are high-voltage, safety signal connectors. The 9-pin DIN connector labeled AUX I/O is a digital signal connector, which carries triggers and SCXI communication signals. For an illustration of the front panel connectors and wiring instructions, refer to NI 4060 Front Panel Connections.


The following table lists the functions and ranges supported by the NI 4060:

DC Voltage20 mV, 200 mV, 2 V, 25 V, 250 V
AC Voltage20 mV, 200 mV, 2 V, 25 V, 250 V
DC Current*20 mA, 200 mA
AC Current*20 mA, 200 mA
2-Wire Resistance 200 Ω, 2 kΩ, 20 kΩ, 200 kΩ, 2 MΩ, 20 MΩ, 200 MΩ
4-Wire Resistance 200 Ω, 2 kΩ, 20 kΩ, 200 kΩ, 2 MΩ, 20 MΩ
Diode2 V at 100 µA
* To measure current outside of the normal range on the NI 4060, you must use a current shunt module (CSM). Refer to Measuring Current for more information.

Additional Features

Replacing the Fuse

The NI 4060 is equipped with a F 500 mA 250 V Fast–Acting fuse designed to help protect your module and test system. For instructions on replacing the fuse, refer to Related Documentation for the NI Digital Multimeters Getting Started Guide.

Calibrating the NI 4060

Calibration maximizes the accuracy of a DMM. To ensure accuracy, you must perform calibration. NI recommends you calibrate annually.

For information on calibrating the NI 4060 using National Instruments Calibration Executive, refer to the NI Calibration Solutions Web site.


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