DMM Measurement Defaults

NI Digital Multimeters Help (NI-DMM 18.1)

Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 370384V-01

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The following table lists the default measurement settings for the NI 4070/4071/4072.

FunctionAperture Auto Zero ADC Calibration
DC Noise Rejection
DC 7½ digits1100 msON ON High-Order
DC 6½ digits100 msON ON High-Order
DC 5½ digits
  • 500 µs (NI 4070/4072)
  • 500 µs2 (NI 4071)
ONCE OFF Second-Order
DC 4½ digits3
  • 20 µs (NI 4070/4072)
  • 50 µs (NI 4071)
ONCE OFF Second-Order
DC Auto Range500 µs ONCE OFF Second-Order
ACMax (DC or 4/(minFreq)) OFF OFF N/A
AC Auto RangeMax (500 µs or 4/(minFreq)) OFF OFF N/A
2/(minFreq)N/A N/A N/A
2 x (the maximum period) N/A N/A N/A
Capacitance and Inductance
  • Inductance (only) at 10 kHz = 13.65 ms
  • Inductance and capacitance at 1 kHz = 31.29 ms
  • Inductance and capacitance at 91 Hz = 270.22 ms
1The default Number of Averages for the NI 4071 is 4.
2For the NI 4071, on the 5.5 DCV 100V range, use 1.6 ms.
3Settings for 3½ digits are equivalent to 4½ digits.

By default, the Aperture time, Auto Zero, ADC Calibration, DC Noise Rejection settings for a measurement are chosen by the driver based on the configured measurement and resolution. These values are chosen to ensure accuracy for 6½–digit or 7½–digit measurements while not sacrificing performance at lower resolutions. For more information on a particular attribute, including how to configure a non-default setting, refer to Features. For AC, excluding Auto Range, the aperture is expressed as Max (DC or 4/minFreq). minFreq, or minimum frequency, is a user–programmable parameter with a default value of 20 Hz. Therefore, the aperture default is 200 ms.

The same applies for other user selectable values of minFreq. For example, on the NI 4070/4071/4072, if a minFreq of 1 kHz is selected then 4/minFreq = 4/1 kHz = 4 ms. In this case 4 ms would be used as the AC aperture for resolutions <6 digits. For resolutions >6 digits, 100 ms would be used.

To adjust the default aperture time, refer to Configuring Measurement Timing.

Default Settling Times

Function Settling Time
DC V (100 mV–10 V)1 ms
DC V (100 V, 300 V) (NI 4070/4072 only)2 ms
DC V (100 V, 1000 V) (NI 4071 only)5 ms
DCV Auto Range2 ms
Resistance ≤1 kΩ1 ms
Resistance 10 kΩ5 ms
Resistance 100 kΩ25 ms
Resistance 1 MΩ100 ms
Resistance ≥ 10 MΩ 250 ms
Resistance Auto Range50 ms
AC V DC coupled3 µs
AC V AC coupled1 s
Frequency/Period500 ms
DC I100 µs
AC I3 µs
Diode10 ms
Inductance (NI 4072 only)3 µs
Capacitance (NI 4072 only)3 µs

To adjust the default settling times, refer to Configuring Measurement Timing.


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