Formatting Configuration Data

NI Switch Executive 2015 Help

Edition Date: August 2015

Part Number: 370404J-01

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NI Switch Executive organizes the configuration data associated with a virtual device in the columns and rows of a worksheet. To modify and add data without affecting the ability to import the file, adhere to the following guidelines.

Note Note  If you fail to format data in Excel in accordance with the following rules and guidelines, NI Switch Executive returns an error at import, and import fails.
Note Note  When importing data, ensure that all required attributes (columns) are specified.


  • Inserting a row—You can insert a row anywhere in a workbook.
    • NI Switch Executive requires an empty row between configuration data and any custom non-configuration data you add to a worksheet.
    • NI Switch Executive does not require an empty row between a column heading row and its data rows.


  • Inserting a column—You can insert a column anywhere in a workbook.
    • NI Switch Executive accepts empty columns.
  • Deleting a column—You can only delete a column in a workbook if it is not a required column. All other columns are optional.
  • Renaming a column—Not supported, unless the column was added by a user.
  • Reordering columns—You can reorder any column in a workbook.


  • Inserting a worksheet—You can insert a worksheet or a custom sheet, such as a chart sheet, macro, or a dialog sheet, anywhere in a workbook.
  • Inserting a chart or object—You can insert a chart or other object anywhere in a worksheet.
  • Deleting a worksheet—You can only delete a worksheet if it is not the IVI Device worksheet. The IVI Device worksheet is required when you import; all other worksheets are optional.
  • Renaming a worksheet—You can rename any worksheet.
  • Reordering worksheets—You can reorder any worksheet.


  • Renaming a workbook—You can rename a workbook.


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