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Edition Date: August 2011

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IVI Inherent Function

To form the ClassPrefix_ of the function name, use the prefix of the class driver with which you are working. For example, if you are working with the IviDmm class driver, use the prefix IviDmm_ to create the correct function name, IviDmm_reset.

C Function Prototype

ViStatus ClassPrefix_reset (ViSession vi);


Places the instrument in a known state. In an IEEE 488.2 instrument, the ClassPrefix_reset function sends the command string "*RST" to the instrument. ClassPrefix_reset also sends the default setup commands to the instrument to configure settings for the proper operation of the instrument driver. You can either call the ClassPrefix_reset function separately, or you can select it to be called from the ClassPrefix_init function for the class driver that you are using.


Name Type Description
vi ViSession The instrument handle that you obtain from the ClassPrefix_init or ClassPrefix_InitWithOptions functions for the IVI class driver that you are using. The handle identifies a particular IVI session.

Return Values


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