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Edition Date: August 2011

Part Number: 370430H-01

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Inherent Property

Data Type Access Applies to Coercion High Level Functions
R/W N/A None None


Specifies whether the driver performs interchangeability checking. When this property is enabled, the class driver keeps a list of the interchangeability warnings it encounters. You view the interchangeability warnings with NI I/O Trace. Alternatively, you can call ClassPrefix Get Next Interchange Warning VI to extract and delete the oldest record from the list.

Note  If Class Prefix Interchange Check is set to TRUE and you are not using NI I/O Trace, the interchange check queue is cleared by calling ClassPrefix Get Next Interchange Warning VI. If you do not clear the queue, the resulting list build-up appears as a memory leak.

The default value is FALSE. You can override this value by specifying a value with MAX. You can clear the interchangeability warning list by calling the ClassPrefix Clear Interchange Warnings VI.

Property Node Path

ClassPrefix»Inherent IVI Settings»User Options»Interchange Check


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