IVI Inherent Class Capabilities Overview

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Edition Date: August 2011

Part Number: 370430H-01

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This section contains information and descriptions for inherent driver VIs that all class drivers support. Scroll down for information about class driver inherent VIs.

You can call any of these inherent VIs.

IVI Inherent VIs

Class/Panel Name VI Name
Initialize/Close VIs

ClassPrefix Initialize

Initialize with Options

ClassPrefix Initialize With Options


ClassPrefix Close

Property Access
Invalidate All Attributes

ClassPrefix Invalidate All Attributes

Channel Access
Get Channel Name

ClassPrefix Get Channel Name

Utility VIs
Reset ClassPrefix Reset
Reset With Defaults ClassPrefix Reset With Defaults

ClassPrefix Self-Test

Disable ClassPrefix Disable
Revision Query ClassPrefix Revision Query
Error-Query ClassPrefix Error-Query
Error Message ClassPrefix Error Message
Get Next Coercion Record ClassPrefix Get Next Coercion Record
Interchangeability Checking
Get Next Interchange Warning ClassPrefix Get Next Interchange Warning
Reset Interchange Check ClassPrefix Reset Interchange Check
Clear Interchange Warnings ClassPrefix Clear Interchange Warnings

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