Creating Channels and Tasks with the DAQ Assistant

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You can launch the DAQ Assistant from your NI application software or from MAX. The DAQ Assistant is a graphical interface for configuring channels, tasks, and scales.

After you launch the DAQ Assistant, follow the wizard instructions to create your new task or channel. When the wizard is done, you can configure measurement-specific settings, scaling, and, if necessary, timing and triggering.


In LabVIEW, there are several ways to open the DAQ Assistant. A couple of common ones are the following:

  • Drop the DAQ Assistant Express VI from the Express Input palette.
  • Use the DAQmx Task Name control to open the DAQ Assistant.
  • Open the DAQ Assistant from within a LabVIEW Project as described in Using NI-DAQmx with LabVIEW Project in the LabVIEW Help.


In LabWindows/CVI, select Tools»Create/Edit DAQmx Tasks. You also can launch the DAQ Assistant by clicking the Task Name control of the DAQmx LoadTask function panel and selecting New Task.

Measurement Studio

In Measurement Studio, open Visual Studio .NET and select Project»Add New Item to open the Add New Item dialog box. In the Categories pane, select Measurement Studio»Assistants. In the Templates pane, select DAQmx Task Class.


In MAX, right-click Data Neighborhood, and select Create New from the shortcut menu. Select NI-DAQmx Task or NI-DAQmx Global Virtual Channel in the Create New window, and click Next.

Signal Express

In SignalExpress, add a DAQmx Acquire or DAQmx Generate step.


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