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A task is a collection of one or more virtual channels with timing, triggering, and other properties. Conceptually, a task represents a measurement or generation you want to perform. All channels in a task must be of the same I/O type, such as analog input or counter output. However, a task can include channels of different measurement types, such as an analog input temperature channel and an analog input voltage channel. For most devices, only one task per subsystem can run at once, but some devices can run multiple tasks simultaneously. With some devices, you can include channels from multiple devices in a task. To perform a measurement or a generation with a task, follow these steps:

  1. Create or load a task. You can create tasks interactively with the DAQ Assistant or programmatically in your ADE such as LabVIEW or LabWindows/CVI.
  2. Configure the channel, timing, and triggering properties as necessary.
  3. Optionally, perform various task state transitions to prepare the task to perform the specified operation.
  4. Read or write samples.
  5. Clear the task.

If appropriate for your application, repeat steps 2 through 4. For instance, after reading or writing samples, you can reconfigure the virtual channel, timing, or triggering properties and then read or write additional samples based on this new configuration.

If properties need to be set to values other than their defaults for your task to be successful, your program must set these properties every time it executes. For example, if you run a program that sets property A to a nondefault value and follow that with a second program that does not set property A, the second program uses the default value of property A. The only way to avoid setting properties programmatically each time a program runs is to use virtual channels and/or tasks created in the DAQ Assistant.


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